You have to ask WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? . There is more to this then what is being reported , many young people should strive to make their lives better not worst. this goverment aint going to make it easy.

what ever your reasons for rioting it does not make it okay for you to burn buildings down , make people homeless and peoples business go, this is your community, strive to make it better.

Boris, David, Nick your too late in coming to save your city.

broadcasters can call young people Thugs,Mobs but at the end of the day, society and the goverment has let these people down by closing youth clubs, cutting down budgets for young people, increasing tution fees and stop and seaching people for now reason, poilce brutailty and poilce harassment.

The family of Mark Duggan has gone through a lot in the last week simply because of wrong information put togather by the poilce, the condct and investigation has left a family without a father, Son, brother

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