Just who is she????

A writer and creative person I use this space as a medium for all that makes me happy, troubled or just makes me laugh. I’m unapologetically black and proud, African to the core and toughest chick you will ever find in the east side. Yeah I said it so what. 

I love all things Journalism even the boring shit. I’m a big film buff just ask people around me and pretty active on social media as well. I’m not about to try and put all my randomness on this, sometimes you just need to save that shit. But i will try to be as upfront as i can.

I have combined my interest of journalism and Music by following musicians and upcoming record labels in promoting new artist.

I’m interested in a lot of different things and thats why I’m so open to trying new things because at one half of me is the love of music i have which is noted on my blog then there is the second half of me which is also loves anything to do with finding the truth at any cost and speaking the truth so that we can live in fair world.

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